Social typing test (Online typing test) is a free service for testing typing speed online.

Our typing test application is not only usable at desktop, it also can provide a better view and result on mobile, tablet, and on other devices.

You can also send requests to friends and challenge with them. This is the biggest module, which other typing applications does not provides.

But now a days it is under development, so if you have any issue we sorry for that in advance!

If you feel any problem please feel free to contact us at .

Thanks for using !

Social typing test provides free online typing test software(application), not only to improve your typing speed for gaining a typing job, but you can challenge with your friends. Just send typing challenge request, your friend will accept request and typing test for 1 minute will start and both will see result in words per minute with accuracy. Soon we will include Online Typing Test in Hindi and will provide typing certificate. It`s online typing test game too. You also can change time of free typing test from 1 to 5 minute.