# Username WPM Time
1 typeo 173 11:07:40
2 Nicolas Conde 117 05:47:43
3 Special Forces 115 06:02:38
4 pakistaniboy 113 10:04:23
5 Anthony Jamous 110 09:54:35
6 Joyce 108 06:49:30
7 Mike M 101 01:54:24
8 Asad Abro 94 06:21:57
9 Carine 93 10:40:36

Social typing test provides free online typing test software(application), not only to improve your typing speed for gaining a typing job, but you can challenge with your friends. Just send typing challenge request, your friend will accept request and typing test for 1 minute will start and both will see result in words per minute with accuracy. Soon we will include Online Typing Test in Hindi and will provide typing certificate. It`s online typing test game too. You also can change time of free typing test from 1 to 5 minute.

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Free Online Typing Speed Test in-urdu !
You also can change time from 1 to 5 minute.
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